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Airplanes - Helicopters
    Repair parts

Ball Bearings
    Individual Metric

    11.1v Li-po Lithium Polymer lipo - 1:10
    14.8v Li-po Lithium Polymer
    18.5v li-po Lithium Polymer lipo
    22.2v Li-po Lithium Polymer
    3.7v Li-po
    7.2v sub-c packs 6 cell
    7.4v Li-po Lithium Polymer lipo - 1:10
    7.4v Li-po Lithium Polymer lipo - smaller
    8.4v sub-c packs 7 cell
    AA batteries Double A

Battery Accessories
    charge leads - 4mm bullet style
    Heat Shrink
    LiPo Protection Bags
    plugs connectors
    Straps Clips Brackets

Battery Chargers
    Advanced Li-Po capable
    Basic - Li-Po capable
    Charger accessories

    Trucks - Rock Crawling Specific
    Trucks - scale looks
    Trucks - Short Course (Slash SC10 Blitz)

Body Accessories
    Body Clips Hood Pins
    Body Mounts
    Decals stickers
    Scale accessories

Brushless Motors
    1:10 size combo kits
    1:10 size motors
    Rotors and Stators
    Sensor Wires Sensor Cables

Chassis Accessories
    Bulkheads Braces Supports
    Bumper and Bumper mounts
    Chassis accessories
    Motor mounts - electric
    Roll Cages
    Shock Towers

Cleaners Adhesives and Lubricants
    Adhesive tape
    CA Glue
    Differential Fluid (oil)
    Glue or Cement
    Lubricating grease
    Tire Traction Additives

Drive-train: gearbox and gears
    Complete Kits
    Gears - internal
    O-Rings, Shims, Gaskets
    Slippers and slipper parts
    Transmission cases

Drive-train: shafts and axles
    Axle / wheel shafts
    CVD / Universal joint / swingshaft / slider shaft
    CVD Repair parts
    Drive Shafts
    Wheel adapter 12mm
    Wheel adapter 17mm
    Wheel hubs - wheel adapters

Electric Motor Brushes
    4x5mm laydown
    4x5mm stand-up

Electric Motors
    1:10 scale 540 or 550 size

Electric Off-Road Cars and Trucks
    1:10 electric 4WD trucks

    Speed control

Gears - Pinions
    0.5 Modulus
    1.0 Modulus
    32 Pitch (0.8 Mod)
    48 Pitch

Gears - Spurs
    32 Pitch (0.8 Mod)

Nuts and Bolts
    2.0mm thread
    2.5mm thread
    2.6mm thread
    3.0mm thread
    3.5mm thread
    4-40 thread
    4.0mm thread
    5.0mm thread
    6.0mm thread
    C-Clips and E-Clips
    Nuts 2.0mm thread
    Nuts 3.0mm thread
    Nuts 4.0mm thread
    Nuts 5.0mm thread
    Nuts 6.0mm thread
    O-rings seals
    pinned set screws
    Screw kits - screw sets
    Screws nuts bolts and washers
    Zip-ties Wire Ties tie wraps

Painting and Detailing Supplies
    Air brushes and accessories
    Bottled paint
    Masking and detailing tapes
    Spray paint

Radio Accessories
    FPV - First Person View
    Power Switch
    Servo Arms and Servo Savers
    Servo Mounts
    Servo parts
    Transmitters - hand unit only
    wires - plugs - adapters - extensions

Radio Systems
    Surface DSM Radios 2.4G

Shock absorber
    Shock absorber sets
    Shock absorbers - parts
    Shock absorbers - parts - caps/collars
    Shock absorbers - parts - seals
    Shock absorbers - parts - shafts
    Shock Oil
    Shock Springs

Speed Controls
    Forward and reverse speed controls
    Programing Accessory
    Repair Parts - Cases

Suspension Accessories
    Anti Roll or Sway Bar
    arm mounts
    Hinge Pins
    king pins kingpins
    Linkage / tie-rods / rod-ends / turnbuckles
    lower control arms
    pivot balls
    steering bellcranks
    Suspension accessories
    upper control arms
    uprights, caster blocks, hubs, carriers, and knuckles

Tires and Wheels - Off-Road
    1.55 Rock Crawling
    1.9 Rock Crawling
    2.2 Rock Crawling
    Foam Inserts - Tire Accesories
    Short Course wheels 2.2-3.0
    Truck Rims - 12mm hex
    Truck Tires - 2.2 - all-terrain
    Truck Tires - 3.8 - Revo, Summit, Maxx

Tires and Wheels - Off-Road Mounted
    Truck - mounted - 12mm hex - not short course

    Allen (Hex) drivers
    Bags and cases
    Gauges - temp - setup
    Hand tools
    Knives Cutters Blades Scissors
    Nut Drivers
    Taps and Dies
    Work Stands

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